Copper Magic by Julia Gibson

“Julia Mary Gibson’s quiet masterpiece is an effortless alloy of magic and science …  I fell as much in love with Violet Blake’s multi-talented, multi-racial, generous, loving, crazy-flawed family as with Violet herself, teetering on the edge of childhood and maturity just as the Midwest teeters on the edge of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Violet’s world swallowed me whole.”

- Elizabeth Wein, author of Code Name Verity 

•  Kirkus starred review!  (“Fresh, subtle, daring …”)

•  A nice review!  And another!

•  Interview with one of my fave characters, Miss Nadia.

Hardback available wherever books are sold: your local independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Ebook: Kindle and Kobo.

AND there’s an audiobook, narrated by the divine Sandy Rustin.  Starred review in School Library Journal: “Narrator Sandy Rustin’s detailed voices and distinct intonations are engaging and complement the author’s unique writing style. Interwoven plotlines are brought together expertly with a spellbinding effect. Readers who enjoy magic, adventure, historical fiction, and Scott O’Dell’s books will be whisked into Violet’s world.”

• • •

“Gibson examines race, ethnicity, class and tragedy without didacticism or oversimplification, and while all of the characters are well-crafted, the imperfect protagonist is particularly refreshing … Fresh, subtle, daring: well done indeed.”‘

– Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

• • •

“A great story, wonderful characters, and a delightfully drawn tale … Copper Magic is one I will read again and again … it is sure to become an American classic.”

– Cowgirl Caitie

• • •

” … filled with tension!”

– Loren, age 10