Happy 2019!

I’ve got a lot in the works this season.

The miniseries about a family of radicals in the 1960s, loosely based on my real-live family, is being championed.

The graphic novel about coyotes in the parks and streets of Los Angeles is out to publishers.

The novel about a Hollywood child star and those same coyotes is in progress and surprises me at every turn.

The story about the mountain lion that I’ve been working on intermittently for oh so long is almost ready for the world.

The essay about John Lennon won a prize!  See News for more info.

I am freshly committed to speaking out and working for justice for all beings, creatures, bodies of water, rocks, trees,  and the ethereal.  In the words of the beautiful Woman Stands Shining / Pat McCabe: “I summon and invoke the Authority of the Mother Earth.”

As the late great Leonard Cohen would say: magic is afoot.


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