U P C O M I N G    E V E N T S

 March 5, 2016 • 9A – 3P • Marquez Elementary School Author Fair
16821 Marquez Avenue, Pacific Palisades CA
You don’t have to be a student or parent at the school – there will be a bunch of excellent authors there and tons of books!

May 14, 2016 • 3P • Tomorrow Prize for Short Science Fiction Writing awards!

I’m a judge again this year.  This competition is open to all Los Angeles County high school students.  The awards ceremony is fantastic and festive.  Professional actors read the stories aloud, and there are cash prizes for young writers and their schools.  Submissions due February 19.  Check it out: www.sci-fest.com/#!tomorrow-prize/corn.
• • •

I’m working on a bunch of projects at once.  Something about the coyotes who live up the hill from me in Griffith Park.  Something set in the early days of Hollywood, when the streets were dust and kids worked 14-hour days and did their own stunts because there were no laws against that yet.  Something in 1970, when it was already out of style to link hands at civil rights marches and belt out Oh Freedom Over Me.  I keep wanting to write something about the days before Kent State and Jackson State and Altamont and Manson, the days when my friends and I would cry over the catch in John’s voice when he sang I’m A Loser.  So far no hook though.  Mulling …


Father James Groppi and the NAACP Youth Council in Milwaukee WI circa 1965


roll on, John …